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Admission Policies

Parking Policy
Visitor parking is not available at Taiwan Contemporary Cultural Lab. To apply for event parking permit, please refer to the Management Guidelines for Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.

Terms and Conditions for Site
Following are the terms and conditions stipulated by the Management Guidelines for Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab announced on 4th of July, 2018:

1. Parts of the site are designated monuments and historical buildings. Anyone who commits any of the following damaging offences like scribbling, spraying, engraving and posting on the site shall be punished with imprisonment from six months up to five years, and a fine of NTD 500,000 to NTD 20,000,000 could be imposed according to Article 103 of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act. Attempts to commit any of the offences under the preceding paragraph shall be subject to penalty.
2. Smoking is banned on the site except the designated smoking area. Any person in violation of Article 31 of Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act shall be punished by a fine at an amount of no less than NTD 2,000 but no more than NTD 10,000.
3. Dangerous goods and controlled drugs are not allowed to enter the site.
4. Pets must all be on a leash and please clean up after your pet.
5. Activities resulted in garden, sod or landscape vandalism are prohibited.
6. Public order violating behaviors like carousing, affray or brawling are banned.
7. Unauthorized profit-soliciting activities like peddling, retail trading, or fund-raising are banned.
8. Building campfire, camping, setting off fireworks, releasing sky lanterns and other behaviors that may cause damages to monuments and historical buildings are banned.
9. Any kind of campaigning for election is banned, including visits by candidates of political parties or those who are running for office and their supporters. Posting campaigning information on the site is also prohibited.
10. Unauthorized automobiles and scooters are not allowed on the site. Traffic authority will be notified to remove unauthorized vehicles.
11. Other illegal activities are prohibited.