C-LAB Joins Creative Expo Taiwan for the 1st Time. Visit C-LAB for an Unprecedented Cultural Experience.


C-LAB Joins Creative Expo Taiwan for the 1st Time
Visit C-LAB for an Unprecedented Cultural Experience

In 2019 Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) is participating for the first time in Creative Expo Taiwan. Located at the crossroads of Taipei’s “Twin Cultural Axes,” C-LAB perfectly resonates with this annual industry festival. To differentiate from other exhibition venues, including Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and Taipei Expo Park, C-LAB is centering this event on the concept of a “School On the Move,” combined with the theme “Lagoon Apeiron,” taking people on a trip down memory lane to revisit the once widely popular recreational culture of shrimping. C-LAB engages with creative talents from a spectrum of disciplines to collectively explore the next convergence point of Taiwanese culture. Furthermore, to deconstruct the stern ambiance still lingering in the space that used to be the Chiang Kai-shek Hall of the Air Force Command Headquarters, C-LAB is also concurrently launching a special exhibition entitled “Painfully Happy.” The exhibition features Taiwanese dance and movement groups of different styles and genres, as well as contemporary video works by Taiwanese and Japanese artists. Everyone is cordially invited to come and partake in this multicultural experience from April 24th to May 5th.

Continuing on from C-LAB’s major exhibition of 2018, “Re-Base,” which transformed the former Air Force Command Headquarters, C-LAB once again challenges people’s perceptions of military headquarters, by taking on the role of a “School On the Move” in this year’s Creative Expo Taiwan. The exhibition “Lagoon Apeiron,” curated by Double-Grass founder Frank Huang, is based on the concept of “reinterpreting boundaries and epochal memories.” Transforming the former Air Force Command Headquarters badminton hall into a multipurpose open space with a stage for talks and performances, it presents a diverse range of activities and contemporary art exhibits. Furthermore, in collaboration with Chang Tieh-Chih, deputy secretary general of the General Association of Chinese Culture, C-LAB invites experts from various fields, including science, social studies, economics, anthropology, art, and design, to engage in open dialogues focusing on contemporary culture. Exhibitions present artworks by designers and bio-artists from Europe, the U.S., and Taiwan. Artworks presented for the first time in Taiwan include “RE-SEA ME,” a stool made from discarded fish skins using a traditional technique found in the Nordic region; the “Ventri” project from the Netherlands, which turns discarded cow stomachs into leather for use by the fashion industry; and “Cocoon” from France, a furniture collection made with bee propolis. These artworks showcase innovative and experimental techniques based on the concept and practice of the circular economy. Additionally, throughout the 10 days that “Lagoon Apeiron” will be presented, a total of 7500 live giant freshwater prawns will be made available on site for people to relive the unique Taiwanese recreational activity of shrimp fishing and grilling. Openings marked by numbers will be issued to the general public on a daily basis for people to reserve their spots at the shrimping pool. Information on current environmental issues related to the recycling of shrimp shells for chitin will also be presented.

There is a Chiang Kai-shek Hall inside every military base in Taiwan. Artist Ding-Yeh Wang has deconstructed the existing space of the former Chiang Kai-shek Hall of the Air Force Command Headquarters, transforming it into a public sensorial training grounds, integrating the body with movements, images, sound and lighting. Furthermore, at the entrance of the exhibition is an area dedicated to “Video of Today,” screening contemporary video works by Youki Hirakawa, Wu I-Yeh, Yuan Goang-Ming, and Chen Wan-Jen. It is intended as a space where visitors can warm up their visual perception and stretch their bodies, which may feel stiff and worn down by the daily grind. Also, for the first time the public will have the chance to get an up-close look at the rehearsals of two contemporary circus groups: Thunar Circus, and Hsingho Co., Ltd. & HoooH, as well as the young emerging dance group Les Petites Choses Production. Visitors can catch a rare glimpse of these professional performing groups behind the scenes. Some time slots are also open for other dance or movement groups to reserve and utilize or for the general public to come and dance with others.

During Creative Expo Taiwan, the C-LAB team will join together with a number of people working in the fields of art and culture to overturn different ways of thinking and jump out of the box. Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab will launch an experimental cultural initiative, a multifaceted exhibition experience that brings together shrimping, seminars, movement, video art, and installation. We call upon everyone to roll up their sleeves and come to C-LAB. Let’s get “Culture On the Move.”