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Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) Sparking New Cultural Experimentation with Mashup of 10 Creators


Founded in 2018, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) aims to support an ecosystem where cultural creativity could thrive, and bearing this in mind, C-LAB invited creative teams from different areas of interest to take up residency at C-LAB, where they joined C-LAB through our first stage of operations and pushed forward different issues and topics. “MASHUP all the CREATORS” is to be presented from June 14th to July 14th at ART SPACE IV inside C-LAB. One view are the creative results by these residency participants, which include audio-visual performances, contemporary artworks, theatrical performances, new circus acts, and cultural research, and other diverse performances and exhibitions by 10 artists and collectives.

The event is presented in ART SPACE IV which used to be a military auditorium. Amongst  the buildings in C-LAB, ART SPACE IV holds the strongest tie to C-LAB’s military past as an air force headquarter, with military propaganda slogans still seen inside the venue. It is a space that transforms the place’s authoritarian past with cultural endeavors and experiences, and the objective is to provide an imaginative space for cultural experimentation.  The curatorial team has built an overpass walkway inside the venue, and in addition to connecting the existing stage with the temporary open backstage area, the surface along the walkway is where a documentary video on the residency program is shown. Using an imaginative way to show the space and to experience its temporal procession, the audience is provided with a way to see the past, the present, and envision the future.

The exhibition portion of “MASHUP all the CREATORS” includes the following five categories: “Looping”, “A/Ving”, “Archiving”, “Molding”, and “Digging”. “Looping” consists of two experimental projects that reimagine C-LAB’s current conditions, with a performance by one of the residency collectives, L’Enfant S. Physical Theatre, that reinterprets the play, “The Balcony”, by Jean Genet and connects to the propaganda slogans inside the old military auditorium and the meaning embodied by the space.  Additionally, inspired by the old office building in C-LAB, artist Huang Wei-Hsuan uses point cloud scanning to reassess the existing spaces. With “A/Ving”, creators that took part in the residency are invited to come back to C-LAB to present their sound experimentation. Documentary footage selected from the over 80 events conducted by the residency collectives in 2018 is screened for the category of “Archiving”. “Molding” is where the creative results by the residency creators are presented in different formats; for example, artist Wu Meng-Hsuan has transformed the workshop he had conducted during the residency into an exhibition of objects, and Thunar Circus presents an installation that reinterpret the unique Taiwanese funeral ritual where tricks and cymbals are performed and played. On view in “Digging” are objects that Liu Shih-Tung has collected and also point cloud scans by Huang Wei-Hsuan, which challenges the audience to look at the site through different perspectives.

The performance portion launched on the opening day, June 14th includes an audio-visual performance presented by Aka Chang of Zuirens and sound artist Jez Fang. Other programs consist of audio-visual performances, lecture performances and lecture, for a total of 5 exciting events taking place over the span of three weekends. C-LAB hopes by presenting the creative results by the 2018 residency creators that we could encourage everyone from different backgrounds to come take part in contemporary cultural experimentation, and we invite everyone to come and enjoy the exhibitions and performances and join in the creative mashup with all the creators.