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International Exchange
2019 Manifeste Festival:Artistic Exchanges

In order to offer Taiwanese professional sound artists a favorable platform of international exchange, the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) specifically launched the “2019 CREATORS International Exchange Project – IRCAM” in close collaboration with the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics / Music (IRCAM), a globally prestigious sound research institution in France. This call for application became a focus of attention among practitioners in related fields and received a total of 43 entries. Six sound art practitioners, including WANG Chung-Kun, LIN Yi-Cheng, WU Ping-Sheng, Min-Chi Micky YANG, LIAO Hai-Ting, and CHENG I-Lly were selected.

The ManiFeste-2019 organized by the IRCAM is the highlight of this project. It is a gala event featuring spectacular, transdisciplinary performances of music, drama, dance, digital art, visual arts, and technological innovation. It also provides the participants with a golden opportunity to observe and grasp the cross-boundary collaboration and modus operandi behind the scenes.

Photo credit:Sébastien Calvet


2019.06.17(MON) 2019.06.30(SUN)

WANG Chung-Kun


WU Ping-Sheng

As a sound artist, Ping-Sheng was nominated for the Digital Art Awards Taipei in 2015 and 2016. He was also a member of the production team of Render Ghost, the first prize-winner of the 6th Digital Art Performance Awards. His work Transonic was presented in Barcelona, Spain in 2017. He also served as the sound designer for the performance Unconditional Love and Fact at the National Theater & Concert Hall, and participated in the production of Electric Indigo, a special program celebrating the 30th anniversary of the National Theater & Concert Hall with LIM Giong as the artistic director. He worked as an artist-in-residence in Korea (2018) and New York (2019 at the Triangle Arts Association), visited the Centre Pompidouon’s IRCAM on behalf of the C-LAB in June 2019, and presented his sound performance at the Nuit Blanche Taipei. In 2020, he took part in the production of The Scenery of Little Light at the invitation of the National Taichung Theater, and serves as the music and sound director for noiseKitchen, a team focusing on new media art.

Min-Chi Micky YANG

After graduated from Music Department of Taipei National University of the Arts, YANG took an advanced study in Hochschule für Musik Detmold-Musikübertragung in Germany and majored in Cello and Tonmeister. YANG is a very experienced recording engineer and music producer. He participated in many projects such as movie The Tenants Downstairs, Our Times, The Arti: the Adventure Begins, which won the Best Instrumental Recording Album of the 27thGolden Melody Awards. Other productions like album Carterielli Symphony which was published by CPO in Germany and won the US Classic today's selection for "production, presentation", and Chien Nan-Zhang’s Symphony No.2 are also high appreciated.

LIAO Hai-Ting

擊樂手,現居台北,專注於實驗音樂與跨媒體的表演藝術呈現。2004年自澳洲昆士蘭省音樂院畢業後前往義大利Fabrica駐村,開始結合現代音樂及表演藝術的創作。隨後前往法國,以「評審一致通過第一獎」取得法國國立巴黎高等音樂院(CNSMdP)文憑。回國後致力於實驗音樂與結合跨領域藝術的創作及演出,創立實驗音樂品牌 — 噪音印製。現為輔仁大學專案助理教授、Ableton Live認證講師、音樂/聲音工作者。


CHENG I-lly (b.1984) creates the interdisciplinary composition comprising physical movement, electronics, soundscape, video, and installations. Fascinated by objecthood, she has been experimenting with various tangible materials. As a performance explorer, she has also been navigating among the possibilities of performers' individuality. Her music has been performed in various venues, such as International Rostrum of Composers, Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, ISCM World Music Day, International Computer Music Conference...etc. For more information, please visit:


Working as the Chief Music Officer at AMPai Music (a company focuses on AI in music composition), Zoe Lin designed and programmed the prototype and the most important cells of the AI composition systems. She is also an Assistant Professor of the Music Department at Fu-Jen University. She researches on music composition with technologies, including algorithmic composition, neural network, sound design, Unity 3D, and Max/MSP. She got her DMA degree in composition at the age of 26 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. She composes musical works of contemporary classical music, electronic music, and multimedia musical works with 3D video game scenes. Her VR work “Journey into the World of Dimensions” has been invited and performed in 2018 World Saxophone Congress in Croatia, and the VR version of this work has been present worldwide, including WOCMAT-IRCAM Joint Conference 2016 in Taiwan, Klingt gut 2017 in Hamburg, Germany, and Audio Mostly 2017 at the Queen Mary University of London in the UK. “VArt Journey” which is the VR iOS App version of Journey into the World of Dimensions, has been downloaded and played worldwide including the USA, Canada, Russia, UK, Croatia, Germany, Lebanon, Turkey, France, United Arab Emirates, etc.