“If, a final chapter for a family trip” Lecture Series——Not Just Phantoms: Dismounting and Passing Through Sound and Image Chapter I: Ghosts of the Fabrica: Sci-Fi, Image and War

If, a Final Chapter for a Family Trip is an ongoing research and artistic project focusing on the politics and remapping of songs and tunes related to memory, archive and various forms of documentation. This project reflects on the pluralistic timelines and fragments of bodily gestures from our own history particularly concerning the Japan-Taiwan-Southeast Asia relation, and furthermore rethinking the southern phenomena in contemporary society. In addition, Her Lab Space has put together a lecture series exploring the ghostly defined sound and image from different perspectives. The lecture series “Not Just Phantoms” , in a way, is a movement to disenchant the stereotypical boundaries of sound and image.


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Date & Time

2020.07.04(六) 14:00-16:00

Venue Location

CREATORS 空間 303多功能室