Social Innovation Platform

The Social Innovation Platform consists of three core elements: technology, design, and society. Internally, it facilitates interdisciplinary and inter-organizational integration, and externally it forms connections with groundbreaking individuals in various fields from around the world, with the intention of increasing the influence of social innovation and realizing values and ideas.

The objective of this platform is to explore how ideas of social innovation can be integrated with technological and digital tools and to motivate ideas and actions of social outreach, public participation, environmental sustainability, and network relationships. At the same time, it also encourages making good use of Taiwan’s technological and cultural strengths to facilitate development and share Taiwan’s unique experiences with the international community. Another task of the Social Innovation Platform is to foster digital cultural, through a digital platform dedicated to the study of online culture, social media, and emerging technologies and their operating mechanisms, creating shared interfaces and connections for the production and distribution of cultural knowledge.