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Audio/Visual Media Platform

The Audio/Visual Media Platform encourages experimental, interdisciplinary, and online-to-offline new media art. The platform is also dedicated to developing synergies between abstract concepts and practical technologies, to explore how new media technologies influence art and cultural production. Moreover, it encourages expanding experimental projects into virtual spaces and online communities. Strategically, the Audio/Visual Media Platform is integrated with innovative technological applications made available from the Ministry of Science and Technology, which are applied to drive cultural content development. The objective is to further propel new media art collaborations and exchanges between Taiwan and the international community by forming interconnections between culture and technology.

To help build a cultural ecosystem, the platform works to lay a solid foundation for Taiwan’s contemporary audiovisual production environment, facilitating smooth operations in the production chain of creativity, technology, distribution, and archiving. Its ultimate goal is to encourage contemporary new media art experiments and to align and integrate with other cultural domains.