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Digital Humanities and Online Platform Planning and Execution

The current focus of the project, Digital Humanities and Online Platform Planning and Execution, is on the humanization of digital technology and social hacking. The project is currently divided into the following four aspects: a critique of digitization, research on the world-wide web and global networks, experimentation as invention and network society.

The purpose of “digital humanities” is not simply about the digitization of the humanities, but to develop a multi-faceted form for art practice, critique, and promotion. That is based on this critique of digitization and to aid teams based on a collaborative ethos, with integration of research, education, publication, and cultural

production. The focus of “research on the world-wide web and global networks” is to create a research platform of our own generating research and consolidating findings from the experiments. In effort to determine the place of Taiwan in the world and in the planetary network (or planetary stack), we might begin from outlining a cultural strategy. For “experimentation as invention”, the objective is to form a new digital ambiance through international forums and a variety of workshops seeking out possible collaborative technologies and technical collaborations. In effort to escape the myopia of hegemonic monopolies. “Network society” believes in the possibilities of “commoning” the network. We must link the production of space with the production of networked relationships. We must link the production of place with the production of virtual spaces. And we must connect the production of new peoples (subjectivities formed in social movements) with new humans (the “Digital Native”). The realization of these endeavors will lead to new opportunities.