Tsukiyomi Visual Image Society

The Fotoaura Institute of Photography is devoted to promoting photography and creative exhibitions in addition to organizing forums, seminars, workshops, and interdisciplinary exhibitions in various formats towards different issues pertaining to contemporary photography. The Fotoaura Institute of Photography and the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab began co-organizing forum series, Tsukiyomi Visual Image Society, in 2018, which is an experimental classroom series on photography. Initiated from the Tsukiyomi Exhibition in 2015 and the Tsukiyomi Film Festival in 2016, this year the endeavor has transitioned to take on a comprehensive experimental classroom structure focusing on issues of photography and art education. The term “Tsukiyomi” is derived from the illusionary technique Tsukuyomi used in the Japanese manga series, Naruto. The illusionary technique has the power to replicate with great intricacies, as to lure out the entranced subject’s inner emotions and project their desires, whereby trapping the subject in his or her own illusion. This “image production” concept is reinterpreted here to open up multifaceted studies on contemporary photography. With the name Tsukiyomi Visual Image Society, this project seeks go beyond the realms of photography. On the other hand, the objective is to open up the unique implications behind “visual medium”, especially for curatorial work and critiques on contemporary photography. In other words, the Tsukiyomi Visual Image Society seeks to open issues on the formats, mechanisms behind photography exhibitions from the perspective of curating and critiquing reevaluating the contemporary meaning of photography.

About the Lecture Series

#1 Undeveloped – Image Possession and Mediation

Date/Time: 2018/07/15 14:00-17:00

Lecturers: Jian Tzu-Chieh, Chang Shih-Lun, Su Yu-Hsien

Content: The discussion focuses on the “mediation” behind image development, examining outcomes of overexposure or underexposure caused by different processing mediums. Discussions on images transcend beyond content, semiotics, and cultural implication, because issues with development and the use of mediums are also imperative. The processing mediums discussed here concentrate on the conditions of curating or exhibition formats, exploring the “methods” of image development via the discourses of pictures opted by photographers.

#2 Unimaged – Image Depth and Focus

Date/Time: 2018/07/29 14:00-17:00

Lecturers: Lee Hsu-Pin, Chung Yi-Ting, Kuan Yen-Ting

Content: “Unimaged” is paradoxical, because the forming of an image is dictated by the level of focus, and the process of forming an image needs one to act as circumstances require, which may include how to conduct light when it is lacking, and how distance differ both can dictate the clarity of images. With this topic in mind, we attempt to use “focus adjustment” to discuss the methodology of photo taking corresponding to issues towards depth-of-field in images. Aside from simply being sentimental or poetic, if images are out of focus efforts exerted to try to “focus” due to the inability to control the matter, in this case, what kind of perceptual, rational, social, private layers could be extracted from this sense of depth in order for meaning to be shaped by these images?

#3 Unprocessed – Image Distributing and Coding

Date: 2018/08/26

Lecturers: Chiu Chun-Ta, Yeh Wei-Li, Chu Yin-Hua

Content: “Unprocessed” points towards the era of digital imaging where processing photographs is no longer a skillset needed by photographers, also in addition to how this process has become obsolete when it comes to “displaying” images in the era of the Internet and databank. In other words, images are increasingly less depended on material mediation to present themselves. Under these circumstances, how should we

consider the future of curating images, and how could we manifest a kind of “future photo studio”, which provides services of databank building rather than photo processing.