A Catch Cradle of Architecture, Space and Craftwork

A Catch Cradle of Architecture, Space and Craftwork is an Academy Platform series launched by the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab in 2018, consisting of three themes, four workshop series organized by Project School. The objective is to link together culture, innovative experimentation, explorative space and traditional craftwork, guiding the participants on site surveys and hands-on experiments where creative thoughts and imaginations are provoked. The goal is to bring out different possibilities, just like the game “catch cradle”, where different patterns could arise from imaginations and experimentations, with different outcomes. By enticing the

participants’ interests for art and art making triggering their imaginations and creativities, the anticipation is for more cultural considerations and actions to manifest and unfold.

About the Workshops

1st Series|Cake Architecture Creative Summer Camp: The Full House at Air Force Command Headquarters (Lecturer/Lin Yu-Ting)

Artist Lin Yu-Ting creates cake houses by drawing inspiration from everyday surroundings. She transforms architectural forms found in Taiwan from 1960-80s with the use of cake decoration techniques, completely transforming familiar structures, which include townhouses, mansions with garages, apartments with window grilles, and rooftop dwellings. She uses art to evoke people’s sense of nostalgia for wonderful moments experienced in their homes and also the heartwarming and joyful imagery of “home” projected by common architecture. The creative summer camp, The Full House at Air Force Command Headquarters, takes place on the former Air Force Command Headquarters, with the artist guiding the participants in searching for everyday hidden imprints and with classes on making cupcakes with foaming agent, piping icings, and techniques for making blue prints, a diversely imaginative experience for the former Air Force Command Headquarters and also for art engaging participants through the sense of taste and observations.

2nd Series|Modeling –Spatial Experience Creative Workshop: A Piece of Cake (Lecturers/Tien Zong-Yuan, Lin Jun-Yi)

Led by Tien Zong-Yuan and Lin Jun-Yi, Modeling –Spatial Experience Creative Workshop consists of two sets of courses, both inspired by drawing from design techniques used in architecture. With the approach of modeling regarded as a tool for thinking and creating.The models created are no longer just scaled-down simulations of design ideas. The two workshops involve model building, with the participants engaged in acts of cutting, folding, and gluing leading to a multidimensional experience of the space to transcend beyond conventional spatial design methods. The first courses, A Piece of Cake, begins by providing each participant with a piece of pre-cut geometric form (~15 cm2 in size). The pieces are all different in shape with various convex and concave contours. The participants then use linear shape modeling materials to build on the pieces they’ve been given. Three different techniques are introduced by the instructors – conform, contrast, and contradict – which the participants could practice using.

3rd Series |Modeling – Spatial Experience Creative Workshop: Like a Rolling Stone (Lecturers/Tien Zong-Yuan, Lin Jun-Yi)

In Modeling –Spatial Experience Creative Workshop’s second set of courses, Like a Rolling Stone, participants are each provided with grids in three different sizes with specific ratios that are also printed on transparent tracing paper. By overlapping these three pieces of tracing papers, the participants proceed to make their own grid system and sketch out the area they wish to use. The area is then cut and folded to use with other modeling materials tocomplete their own creations. How to create patterns to fill the grids is also discussed, with consideration of colors, textures, and coordination.

4th Series|Imaginative Decorative Grindstone Painting (Lecturer/Tsai Wen-Chang)

The objective of this three-day workshop is on traditional Taiwanese grindstone construction technique using it to create images, with innovative designs and production methods. Guided by woodwork artisan, Tsai Wen-Chang, participants of the workshop explore how this traditional technique is extended and applied in our contemporary lifestyle and designs. The workshop surveys images created with grindstone found in traditional temples and also observes grindstone architectural elements in urban spaces, with the participants engaging in hands-on practices of image creating, pattern cutting with copper wire, and grindstone coloring and polishing. The finished artworks are critiqued on the last day of the workshop and in the end all the participants also brainstorms on how grindstone could be further applied in the contemporary lifestyle, opening up for wildly imaginative ideas or recreations.

Project Planning | Project School

Project School is launched by Art Square Taiwan in 2018, and it is a platform that focuses on experimental workshops, with the objective of conjuring up and fulfilling alternative possibilities for art education. Creative talents from different disciplines are invited to contribute to the workshops, with personal creative thoughts and professional knowledge transformed during these workshops. Through courses that are practical and thought-provoking, different creative contents and aesthetic considerations are offered through Project School, providing a learning environment that is vibrant and diverse. The platform offers a different outlet for coming into contact with art that is different from conventional art exhibitions, and it works to enrich people’s cultural lifestyle. Through active execution approaches and by interacting with different social groups, educational institutions, corporations, and other communities, the objective is to present activities to promote art in a sustainable


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