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ARThon: Panoramic Performance Workshop

What is “ARThon”? Anthon is a suffix that suggests “an event drawn out to unusual length”, and by adding the R, the meaning of “Art” is incorporated, with the notion of “restart” also suggested. ARThon is a “school” where the teacher-student hierarchy is abandoned. It is where extended discussions are held to facilitate mutual learning and teaching, with the objective of collecting, distributing, and sharing knowledge. It aims to form a diverse context, and allow for contextual diversity to be created and provided. Through a series of dialogue-based learning activities, efforts are exerted to use digital and technological tools to bring together culture and society.

ARThon: Panoramic Performance Workshop included in the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab’s 2018 Acadecollmy Platform is organized by the Digital Art Foundation. It includes a three-day course held in October of 2018, which focuses on performing art, 3D imaging, game design, and other expert-designed technological training on the topic of panoramic video/photography, with the panoramic technology also applied in a hands-on theater performance class. The objective is for the workshop to spark different theatrical narratives and experiences in the digital cyber era, and to apply the technology of panoramic video/photography in forming new creative projects, which may be completed and presented at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab in the future.