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Laboratory Projects

Digital Culture Innovative Experimental Project

Project Overview

Through the humanization of digital technology, the objective is to establish a discourse framework to engage in international exchange and collaboration, with technology applied to interlock and reconnect the cultural eco-system. By designing a strengthening and support system for the cultural eco-system, a platform is formed to assist people working in the fields of culture and art. The cultural society structure will be put through the tests of the new Internet era, with network format and organizational network theories applied to reevaluate the new structural relations.


Through 4 sub-projects that advocate the ideas of local experimental ethos with a prototypical system established with collaborating partners, experiments are conducted with a cultural eco-support system based on the concept of “IT-enabled and IT-driven”. Analyses are conducted through the framework of cultural digital knowledge, with cultural information connected to correspond with high-level policies integrated with the actions of cultural governance.

I. Blockchain with Culture & Creativity Workshop

Included are one workshop (7/27) and one international symposium with experts invited to speak on the subject of blockchain and other areas of expertise. Workshop participants are able to take part in hands-on practical applications of blockchain and have their questions answered by the experts.

II. Cultural Digital Knowledge Framework and Prototype Writing Experimental Project

The project includes a workshop that proceeds in stages and also a Humanita screenwriting thon, with preliminary technical training and rehearsal provided to the participants in the first stage. The second stage includes practical application of a multi-position interactive script framework, with scripts created by each individual integrated. With the help of the instructors to optimize the content and application functions, the outcomes are then uploaded to the Internet.

III. Cultural Platform Cooperativism Experimental Project

This project is executed in two formats:

1. Three sessions of “local panels” on May 18th, June 1st, and June 18th bring together local cooperatives and social businesses in Taiwan, with the operating conditions and other related needs of the cooperatives gathered through the panels, which will be used to assist the cooperative platform to come up with strategies to provide support and assistance in the future.

2. A conference (tentatively scheduled for mid-November) to announce the app for the cooperative platform and to provide feedbacks to the cooperative members whom look into any pending issues.

IV. Art Exchange Experimental Project

With the framework for the exchange clarified and the technical design planned, blockchain system vendors and artists are concurrently contacted for this experimental project, with a platform for the art exchange and an art databank prototype arranged.