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Experimental Architecture Project

To conduct an experimental architecture project with the underlining historical and cultural context of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) is to reflect on architecture itself. What role should architecture take on when confronted with versatile production relations or how should it demonstrate flexibility towards event creation? How should architecture be transformed into a knowledge production platform? Furthermore, how should this knowledge production be applied to encompass and encourage the formation of differences and provide continual organic changes? The experimental architecture project, Collective Negative Space Village, is built on this foundation, with architectural features regarded as an open connective network. One the one hand, archival studies and knowledge production engages with people from various disciplines, and on the other hand, technologies relating to the endeavor are developed and applied to form an associative production cluster; shifting the focus away from individual architectures.

The methodology applied for this project will include international forums, workshops, experimental architecture, and acts of collecting to invite the public to participate in these actions that seek to envision the future.


(Poster for the “Habitat Matters International Forum” held on July 2018)