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Taiwan Sound Lab Seeks to Cultivate Sound Art Talent – Selected Participants for the 2020 CREATORS International Exchange Project – IRCAM


C-LAB’s Taiwan Sound Lab and France’s Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM) have collaborated on the 2020 CREATORS International Exchange Project – IRCAM participant selection process. As of February 3, a total of 22 applications had been received. Following a review by a professional panel of judges, three sound engineering professionals were selected to participate in Forum Workshops organized by IRCAM in France in early March. They are Chen Hsin-kui, Chang Yan-tzu, and Richard Huang.

C-LAB and IRCAM signed an agreement in 2018 to work on technological research and development, co-productions, and collaborative exhibitions and performances. Together, they established the Taiwan Sound Lab at C-LAB in late 2019. This is an important base for the development of sound arts in Taiwan. Other aims of this agreement are the strengthening of international talent, two-way exchanges of know-how, and opportunities for Taiwanese sound-related professionals to carry out exchanges abroad. The 2020 CREATORS International Exchange Project – IRCAM marks the second year that an open call has been issued to sound engineers and technology professionals. Micky Yang, music director of Dami Music; Song Cheng-hung, associate professor and chair of the Department & Graduate Institute of Music at Shih-Chien University; and Lin Jin-yao, head of the Taiwan Sound Lab served as judges. Lin says that there was great interest in this exchange project. All the applicants were highly qualified. However, the number of openings was limited. Lin hopes that people will continue to show interest in Taiwan Sound Lab’s projects.

The IRCAM Forum provides an online platform for technology-based creators who incorporate sound and music into their works. Every year, in March, the IRCAM Forum Workshops are held in Paris to present the latest in music-related and multimedia technologies. Participation in these workshops is the focus of this exchange project, which is expected to assist Taiwan’s sound engineers and technology professionals in establishing international connections, enhancing Taiwan’s sound engineering field and stimulating more research and development and creative applications of sound technologies.