Creative Base for Animators


The Creative Base for Animators officially opened in 2022. It locates at C-LAB’s three-story Dormitory A, housing Motion Capture Studio, classrooms, Art Space, and offices, all of which can be flexibly used for every stage of the creative processes from conception to production and distribution. C-LAB cooperates with the Animation & Visual Effects Association to cultivate animation talents and with the National Center for High-Performance Computing to provide real-time rendering and animation special effects software, building up a creative base incubating animation industry capacity.

> The Stationed Teams:

National Center for High-performance Computing

Animation & Visual Effects Association

Mosen Content Co., Ltd.

Floating Point Art Co., Ltd.

Movect Studios, Ltd.

Ching-Hsuan Lin

Rising Star Creative Ltd.

Kent Animation Digital Independent Production, Inc.

One Punch Creativity Co., Ltd.

Go Go Studios Ltd. Co.

Structure Chart

Creative Base for Animators