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“Culture and Blockchain” Activities Series #1- Technology Workshop and Industry Practice Sharing

Organizer|Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Facilitator|Li Shih-Chieh

Blockchain technology is transforming the landscape of globalization.

Applications like smart contracts, trade agreements, supply chain management, digital currency system come with multifaceted functions resulting in reassembly and reconstruction. Interconnected infrastructure carries financial exchanges of great quantity and diversity while pulsing closely with the rhythms of numerous people’s lives.

When blockchain is applied to the trading and authentication system of cultural and art market or the funding system that is shaped by the country as a whole. The new social relations constructed by programming language redefines the traditional authoritative roles assumed by accountants, banks and courts. One cannot help but wonder how contract entered into human society and became a widely accepted commercial system as it constructed industries and markets of our understanding. What kind of new possibility does the new infrastructure hold for art and culture?


● Vision and imagination of the combination of blockchain and culture industry.
Speaker: Julian Chen (Vice President of Tidetime Sun Limited)

● Imagination of the content industry in blockchain application.
Speaker: Zhang Jieping (Matters Lab Founder and former editor-in-chief of Initium Media)

● Digital applications in the music industry- copyright issues and smart contracts
Speaker: Wu Po-Chang (KKFarm Partner)

● The human rights and cultural rights in blockchain-taking Taopassport as an example.
Speaker: Jacob Lee (DTCO Chief Executive Officer)

● Analysis on the current situation of the international development of the Dutch digital organizations, including Dyne, Waag and INC
Speaker/ co-project leader: Li Shih-Chieh (Executive Director of Hong Hua Environmental Protection and Digital Future Foundation)