2018 CREATORS—進駐研發/創作計畫

「2018 CREATORS-進駐研發/創作計畫」徵求以文化為本、具實驗精神和探索態度,從研究發展或展演呈現為導向,於園區進行計畫型進駐之個人或團隊。進駐計畫著重於行動方案的過程紀錄,在實驗場中激盪對計畫的多樣想像。鼓勵結合社區/社群進行現地研究/創作,並將於期間進行公眾討論及過程審視。希冀多元創意並陳之實驗面向,驅動人們對文化的新理解與新想像。

“2018 CREATORS Residency Program” calls for artists and collective who are research- or exhibition-oriented, taking cultures as their context of practice and obtaining the experimenting and exploring attitude to conduct their project work in the space.



This year’s program is divided into the laboratory-oriented application and independent application. The former responds to the annual issue “Audiovisual Lab,” “Memory Engineering Lab,” and “Social Innovation Lab” of C-LAB, calling for experimental audiovisual projects that based on context of local culture and introducing new experiences of senses; investigate the history of unfinished cultural programs with the creative and interdisciplinary approaches; propose experiments exploring the variety and innovation of green energy. As to the independent application, proposals of the creative art of cultural practices that obtain the idea of experiment, humanity and interdisciplinary in the form of research and development, and visual presentation will be accepted.