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DOOME: Null Gods

DOOME: Null Gods is a work that investigates the convergence and the orientation of the collective unconsciousness of human and digital data, which is embodied in a state between existence and nonexistence.

From languages and images to texts and digital files, our consciousness has been archived – and digitized – into various forms. If the depository of consciousness can be regarded as a form of transfer of the soul, what is the final destination of the souls of the digital dimension? If thousands of years ago people entrusted their consciousness to the gods, will today’s human collective consciousness, connected through digital data, create a new form of god? And if doomsday is not the final scene for humanity and everyone will be reduced to a single consciousness, what will the post-apocalyptic world look like?

This project is a comprehensive experience that integrates the acoustic space of Ambisonics, visual presentations, and an installation based on research concerning the relationship between the transition of sound phases, the composition of sound textures, and the structure of the procession of sounds. It is an experiment on the conversation between sounds and various other media that aims to create a dislocation in the senses of time and space.



Cheng Dao-Yuan is a multimedia artist devoted to the examination of the concomitance and rivalry between the self and the nature of existence through experimental sound, image, and installation works. This examination has been at the core of Cheng’s art practice, which involves a philosophical exercise that he describes by saying “completeness is nothingness, and the end is the beginning.”
Cheng has been active in experimental sound and performances since 2015. In 2019, he performed in Tokyo (Japan) and released his debut physical album. Cheng has also been featured by music labels in the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Hungary. He is now a resident DJ at Hong Kong Community Radio. In March 2020, Cheng performed at the online event “Nexus Experience” held by MUTEK, while in June he designed a 7.1-channel sound work for the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. In 2021, his collaborative work with Huang Wei, INNERSTAR 01: Reddening, was presented at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.
Centering on sound, Cheng’s installation work typically involves projection and interactive experiences as an attempt to generate active conversations within a physical space, while seeking a balance between visual disruption and harmony. In 2021, at the Fubar Expo in Croatia, he presented his work Trigger, Later, both online and onsite. In 2022, he participated in the virtual exhibition at the Synergy Festival with TRIMESSIAH. His works were mentioned by international media such as WIRE, QUIETUS and were addressed by Taiwan Beats and Electric Soul.