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Theatre of Flows

Last chance: reserve tickets now! only 5 shows for 24 participants! 

Theatre of Flows

raumlaborberlin is a group of architects working in collaborative and transdisciplinary groups from berlin around the world on topics of public space and urban practice. For C-labs annual exhibition they have proposed to participate with a research based format that will be presented in a performative installation on October 24 to 26 only. 

Theatre of Flows is staging a journey to the real world of an independent island surrounded by inescapable global dynamics. 

When urbanists speak of “flows” they mean everything that’s coming and going into the city leaving a trace in space. Resources, energy, material, waste or food, but also social interaction, knowledge and culture. 

Raumlabor’s journey through Taiwan took them to the harbour of Badodzhe, the oyster farming coast of Yunlin and the industrially formed landscape of Taoyuan. Three very different places formed by traditional labour and strong cultural heritage. All of them have gone through a drastic transformation in the past years. Looking from a distance many of the findings could be described as ecological desasters, social catastrophes and economical mischief. Yet in the proximity to those realities the seemingly clear image is getting blurry. Right and wrong, good and bad fade out and reveal a dilemma of agent and agency in which we as observers start to play a crucial role. 

Experts and performers will lead the visitors on a seducing parcours through a series of thematically organised spaces. They appear as editing rooms featuring videos, photos, installations and other findings of a quotidian life full of paradox and the confusing reality of their origins, circumstances and consequences. 


Theatre of Flows will be performed on:
October 24th, (Thu.) 19:30
October 25th, (Fri.), October 26th (Sat.), 18:00 and 19:30 

location: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab / Dormitory ANo.177, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106 

The entrance is free as there is just 24 tickets per show, please reserve reliably under 

* Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of the performance. 



Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius (performative architect)
Florian Stirnemann (remote scenographer)
Yu Chin Ku (graphic manager)
Sabine Zahn (urban choreographer)
Sam Boche (moving photographer)
Benoit Verjat (system designer)
I Cheh Liu (flow analyst)
James Teng (laguage designer)
Huai-Chih Liang (language performer)
Steve Tsai (best boy)
Hansyiang Hsu (spacial Effects)
information dramaturgy / production:
Frank Huang + Ping-Fan Jiang / double-grass 

Theatre of Flows is a Project by raumlaborberlin with double-grass, produced by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab) with the support of Goethe-Institut Taipei and Arts Facilities Management Center, Taoyuan