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SLEEP 79 OPEN CALL for Sleep Videos

OPEN CALL for Sleep Videos

The SLEEP 79 program brings together artists to address an aesthetics of the unconscious. Art for Sleepers, Art by Sleepers and Art as Sleep.

We don’t only face sleep on a physiological level. It is a phenomenon that’s deeply connected to our history and our culture. Sleep has taken various forms in terms of light, work, sex, morality, sound, body and human understanding. Sleep is also a physiological phenomenon. It refers to various abilities and aspects of the body, which are expressed in rhythms, hormones, fluctuations in electrical activity, changes in the activity of organs and body systems, among other things.

We want your sleep!

We are making an open call on sending us your sleep videos. A selection of these videos will be presented at SLEEP 79 as projections. As an inspiration, there’s a link to Andy Warhol’s iconic “Sleep” from 1964.

Participation in the SLEEP 79 program, will be approved for the use of the video under the name of the artist.