Guided Tours

Group Tours

Time of tour: by appointment.

Minimum 10 persons per group. Both school and private groups can apply, by filling in requisite forms 14 days prior to visiting. Due to space constraints there is a maximum limit of 25 persons per tour.

1. Appointment process: call by phone to request a vacant time slot→ fill in Group tour application form and assemble 10 minutes prior to the appointed time at the appointed place.

2. For cancellations of guided tours, please write or call 3 days prior at the latest. Failure to do so will result in a 3-month ban on further appointments.

Theme Tours

Time of tour: Once per month on the weekends for each of the architectural and botanical tours.

Within the C-LAB campus you’ll discover nearly 100 years of human history and a rich ecology of vegetative growth. Explore the iconography of each succeeding period following in the footsteps of architectural experts and plant biologists. Peel back the layers of time, enter unexplored realms, and discover hidden secrets.

Contact person for tours: Please call Ms. Lin at 02-8773-5087 ext. 238

This month’s theme:

C-LAB Architecture Guided Tour and C-LAB Botanic Guided Tour