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C-LAB Premises Available for Public Use in 2020

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) is an emerging center for arts and culture in Taiwan, with a mission to foster and develop original ideas and experimental, cross-disciplinary exhibition or performance activities. To better fulfill the role and pursuits of C-LAB, the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan has provisioned the use of its facilities towards events, exhibits, rehearsals, filming, and wide-ranging creative processes by eligible artists and creators. Any arts and culture related activities as mentioned above can be submitted for review via completion of necessary forms and materials, in accordance with the complete terms and conditions.

Municipal heritage sites such as the Old Office Building and buildings awaiting structural reinforcement are currently excluded from this policy. Other venues which are not being used by C-LAB during specified time slots are open for public use.


Available venue types include:

Long term exhibition and performance space

Short term event space

Short term outdoor event space:


Applications for available time slots at each venue are reviewed on a rolling basis at anytime. The process is as follows:

1. Find C-LAB venue occupancy calendar, and make sure you submit the application and electronic copy of the proposal 21 days BEFORE the first day of occupancy (excluding day of submission and first day of occupancy).

2. Decide on the venue type (Long term exhibition and performance space/Short term event space/Outdoor space).

3. Fill in application form for corresponding long term exhibition and performance space or short term event space. Prepare your proposal.

4. 21 days BEFORE the first day of occupancy (excluding day of submission and first day of occupancy), SCAN and EMAIL a copy of the completed and signed or stamped/sealed application form, an electronic file of the proposal, and all supporting documents to Ms. Wu of the Construction & Maintenance Department at [email protected]. Please use the following format in the subject of the email, “C-LAB venue application: (applicant) + (venue type)”.

5. C-LAB will begin preliminary review of the application form and proposal, and will notify applicant in the case of missing or erroneous information. Please supply requested materials within 3 days of notice (including day of notice). Late submissions will not be processed.

6. Full review of submitted materials (application form and proposal file) for completeness and accuracy.

7. Review time slot.

8. Notify via email the results of the time slot allocation.

Steps #6 through #8 takes up to 15 to 20 days.

C-LAB venue occupancy calendar 2020  *Updated on a rolling basis.

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Mondays only. Please book your appointment via email: [email protected]
Notice: The Scouting for indoor venues should be arranged according to the ongoing or future activities if the venues are booked.
C-LAB戶外空間 24 小時開放,可隨時前來園區。


Ms. Pan of the Construction & Maintenance Department
Tel: (02)8773-5087 ext.222

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