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The Fringe Land of Milk and Honey in the South—Reviewing the Development of Independent Art Spaces in the 90s

Independent art spaces running at the periphery of the major art scene have marked their diverse presence at different times in Taiwanese art. How did they look in the 90s in Southern Taiwan? From “Border Culture Art Salon” in Tainan, to “Tide Art Tribe,” “Dogpig Art Cafe,” and “The Sin Pin Pier—Absolutely Art Space (Sin Pin Pier)” in Kaohsiung—do they match the descriptions in historical documents? Or are there alternative ways to approach them? With those who were engaged in art spaces in the 1990s sharing their experience and perspectives, this talk hopes to revisit as well as to rediscover disappeared or still operating experimental places for art.

As a part of the 3-year “IAST (Independent Art Spaces of Taiwan)” public event program, the talk is facilitated by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) and Asia Art Archive (AAA). It endeavors to further the research of art archives through inter-organizational collaboration and to bring into focus the potential publicness of such research, which energizes discussions relevant to the history of art spaces.

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TIME: 2022.10.23 (SUN) 14:00–15:30
VENUE: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space (Online Registration)
*The talk will be live streamed on the
C-LAB YouTube Channel (advance registration is required). 


|CHEN Chun-Hsiung
CHEN Chun-Hsiung is an artist and a faculty member of the Department of Visual Communication Design at Cheng Shiu University. Actively involved in art space projects such as “Border Culture Art Salon” and “Tide Art Tribe,” CHEN also participated in the founding of “Dogpig Art Cafe.” He was on the editorial board of Hotart Magazine, the executive director of the Modern Art Association of Kaohsiung City, and a member of “Food Stock Art Groups.” CHEN is currently the director of “The Sin Pin Pier—Absolutely Art Space.” With a background in archeology, he shares a considerable interest in the history of human migration. His body of work focuses on land and mother nature. Often utilizing glass as a creative medium, CHEN’s artworks embody the island's past and present ties to other places, cultures, people, etc.

|HSU Yuan-Ta
Curator. HSU received his PhD degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Texas Tech University, USA. Currently working as an assistant professor at Department of Art History at Tainan National University of the Arts, HSU's research interests range from Taiwanese art history, the history of fine arts in Tainan, Taiwanese sculpture, to criticism of photography. He has curated Sio-pàng-phuānn (Labour Exchange)—Opening Exhibition of the Taikang Culture in 2019. Other collaborative curating projects in 2021 include Great Migrations: Lu Ming-Te, Takao.Taike.Southern Hue: Jiunshyan Lee, and Places of Being—Space and Materiality in Taiwan's Avant-Garde Art, 1980-2021. HSU's critiques are to be seen in The Sculpture Research Semiyearly, Art Accrediting, and Taiwan Crafts (Quarterly).


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