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Independent Art Spaces of Taiwan|Public Programs

The Independent Art Spaces of Taiwan (IAST) is a research project undertaken by the Hong Kong-based Asia Art Archive (AAA) in Taiwan, which aims to collate primary sources and construct a documentary archive of independent art spaces in Taiwan from the 1980s to the early 21st century. In the course of this project, C-LAB will co-organize a series of public programs with AAA, so as to expand the research results and promote multilateral dialogues. We seek to forge connections among art spaces, art practitioners, and art historians on the basis of the phased results of this project. Through public sharing and exchange in the forms of talk, workshop, and forum, we expect to stimulate discussions on the history of art spaces as well as to investigate the issues and methodologies involved in art archives in the digital age.


2022.08.14 (SUN) 14:30–16:30  Space as Response: Taiwan Perspectives After the 1980s
Speakers: John TAIN, WU Mali, CHENG Mei-Ya, Amy CHENG
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

|2022.10.23 (SUN) 14:00–15:30  The Fringe Land of Milk and Honey in the South—Reviewing the Development of Independent Art Spaces in the 90s
Speakers:CHEN Chun-Hsiung, HSU Yuan-Ta
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

|2022.11.26 (SAT) 14:00–15:3"ET@T" in the 90s and Its Dispositif of Images 
Speaker: YEH Hsing-Jou
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

|2023.02.10 (FRI) 14:00–16:00 Modes and Methods: Digitising Mrinalini MUKHERJEE’s Archive
Speakers: Noopur DESAI, Samira BOSE
Venue: R116 Multi-function Space of Creative Base for Animators

|2023.05.20 (SAT) 13:30-15:00 Transmuting and Expanding: Re-exploring the Art Archives of YEH Shih-Chiang
Speakers: YEH Wei-Li, Johnson CHANG
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

2023.09.02 (SAT) 13:30-15:00 The Difficulties of Archives: Archive Fever in Contemporary Art
Speaker: LEE Li-Chun
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

2023.10.14 (SAT) 14:00-16:00 The Archivist and the Artist as Archivist
Speaker: CHEN Hui-chiao, YAO Jui-Chung and Anthony YUNG
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

2023.10.28 (SAT) 14:00-16:00 Institutional Self-Archiving: The Establishment and Challenges of TFAM Archives
Speaker: Yi-Ting LEI, Sharleen YU
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

2023.10.28 (SAT) 14:00-16:00 Open the Binders: A Micro Workshop on Organizing Archival Materials
Speaker: Nicole WANG, Kyo HSIEH
Venue: i-CENTER, 2F

2024.01.20 (SAT) 13:30-15:50 Introducing the Up Art Gallery Archive and Sin Pin Pier Archive
Speaker: Nicole WANG, HSU Yuan-Ta
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

2024.06.30 (SUN) 14:00-16:00 Introducing the Shin Leh Yuan Art Space Archive
Speaker: Nicole WANG, CHANG Ya Ping, YU Wei
Venue: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

2024.07.20 (SAT) 14:00-16:00 Imprinting Memories: A Hands-On Workshop for Digitizing Family Archives Archive
Facilitator: Tammy HO
Venue: i-CENTER, 2F

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