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Introducing the Shin Leh Yuan Art Space Archive

Sun,30 Jun 2024 2:00–4:00pm CST

Established in the vibrant art scene of Taiwan during the 1990s, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space (SLY) stands out as a pioneering institution that has not only maintained its presence but also continuously evolved its artistic endeavors over the years. Serving as a pivotal platform for budding artists to kickstart their careers, SLY has also embraced the art of curation as a powerful tool for engaging with artists, fellow art spaces, and addressing pertinent social issues since the early 2000s.

Exhibition view of Shin Leh Yuan Art Space's inaugural exhibition, Foreword, in 1995.

Drawing on core values inherited from its predecessor, Space Two, including the cooperative gallery format, a non-profit operational approach, and a culture of intellectual exchange, SLY distinguishes itself through its innovative membership system. By navigating diverse artist member configurations and adapting to organizational transformations, SLY has effectively realigned its role and mission to meet the dynamic demands of the art landscape.

In 1998, artist Cheng Chiung-Ming stood at the front door of the Shin Leh Yuan Art Space on Liaoning Street.

During this upcoming event, AAA researcher Nicole WANG will unveil the Shin Leh Yuan Art Space Archive, scheduled for release in June. This ongoing archive comprises a wealth of materials including exhibition archives, member profiles, administrative documents, meeting records, along with valuable recordings of discussions and member interviews spanning SLY's initial and subsequent terms (1995-1998). Furthermore, the talk will feature researcher YU Wei, known for compiling and publishing SLY's documents in 2008 as Keep Going, Shin Leh Yuan, and CHANG Ya-Ping, the current director of SLY. As SLY nears its remarkable 30th anniversary milestone, this sharing panel will delve into reflections on how SLY can continue its journey and why its enduring presence is essential in the ever-evolving art landscape.


Watch the Talk

TIME:2024.06.30(SUN) 14:00–16:00
VENUE: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space (Online Registration)
*The talk will be live-streamed on the C-LAB YouTube Channel (advance registration is required).


|Nicole WANG
Project researcher, Asia Art Archive.

|CHANG Ya-Ping
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Chang Ya-Ping began her artistic career after graduating from the Department of Visual Communication Design at Chaoyang University of Technology. She has participated in artist residencies at Stock 20 in Taichung, Taiwan, Kanazawa Art Port in Kanazawa, New Taipei City Tamsui International Art Village, and Longtan Lingtan Street in Taoyuan. After obtaining a master’s degree in fine arts from Taipei National University of the Arts, she joined Shin Leh Yuan Art Space and currently serve as its director. She has also established her own studio, "Working Ridge Line Studio." Her artistic practice primarily focuses on mixed media and spatial installations, exploring themes of social systems, resistance, and the dialogue between individuals and their communities.

|YU Wei
Curator, art critic, and Assistant Professor at the Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA). Graduated in 2003 from the Graduate Institute of Art History and Art Criticism at Tainan National University of the Arts. Former Editor-in-Chief and Correspondent for ARTCO Monthly. In 2020, obtained a PhD in Humanities and Cultural Studies from Birkbeck, University of London. His research focuses on post-war Taiwanese art and visual culture. Co-author of Shin Leh Yuan Keep Walking: Cultural Inheritance published (Uni-Books,2008). From 2018 to 2023, he served as Senior Researcher, Director of the Research Department, and Curator at the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB), curating various exhibitions and public programs, including the 2023 C-LAB annual forum, A Future Slowly Cancelled, and the annual exhibition, Memory Palace in Ruins.


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