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Open the Binders: A Micro Workshop on Organizing Archival Materials

The biggest challenge in archival work often lies in the moment of opening those untamed binders. Dust is inevitable, and perhaps there are even remnants of organic matter mixed among the paper, ravaged by insects, and the yellowed file covers tainted by acidification, accompanied by deteriorating fragments of plastic. Then, we read and decipher handwritten scripts, striving to preserve the fading thermographic text and to extract the unsaid messages found within the relationships between documents. We meticulously define their structure and transform them into frameworks for others to explore when examining the archives.

This workshop draws from the extensive research experience of Asia Art Archive’s Independent Art Spaces of Taiwan Project. It serves as an informative introduction to the basic concepts of repairing and preserving paper-based materials. Additionally, it facilitates engaging discussions among participants on various aspects of archival classification and structure.

Time | 2023/11/18(Sat.) 14:00-16:30
Venue | i-CENTER, 2F
Speakers | Nicole WANG (Project researcher, Asia Art Archive), Kyo HSIEH (Project research assistant, Asia Art Archive)

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*Maximum number of places is 12 people. Waiting list opens when the quota is reached.

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