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Closing performance Good Vibration

2019/11/30 (Sat.) 19:30
(Duration: 60 minutes)

C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab

In the hands of three audiovisual artists, the infinite potentials for sound and visual artworks are finally unleashed! With the multiple Speakers array system established by the Taiwan Sound Lab, the three works of WANG Aluan’s Dynamized Center, WANG Liencheng’s Horizon, and YEH Tinghao’s Phantom Resonance will be given a whole new audio experience!

WANG Aluan Dynamized Center

In audiovisual artist WANG Aluan’s work Dynamized Center, rays of light radiating from the center like a star fill up the entire space. The distance between the core and view point and the projecting direction are constantly changing. The abstract and brilliant universe created liberats the original meanings of symbols, data analysis breaks through the conventional narrative structure. This work can be viewed from different angles. The artist makes use of interfaces he created to manipulate the parameters of the core (e.g. direction of movement and increased speed). Moreover, the audience can use their cell phones to interact with the work’s audio and visual aspects in real time. The behaviors and characteristics of the visualized objects presented on the final images are interpreted by a real-time program and respond to the sound and music design, creating a novel audiovisual experience.

WANG Liencheng Horizon

The work of digital artist WANG Liencheng Horizon is an audiovisual performance constructed by an interactive computer program which allows users to enter keywords into the Google search engine and then the images that are retrieved are strung together to create a film clip in real time. Moreover, this program automatically adjusts the keywords so that the images can be positioned in the center of the screen. The images searched on Google were uploaded by people. The results of keyword searches represent the collective imagination and experiences of people. As such, this work reflects common experiences while the film clips create a sense of unfamiliarity in an attempt to explore the relationships among artificial intelligence, collective consciousness, and body perception.

YEH Tinghao Phantom Resonance

Audiovisual artist YEH Tinghao’s works collect, connect and blend prefabricated and real-time sounds and images. From the starting point of “glitch art”, he attempts to search for parody and differentiation in the new media era. Phantom Resonance combines immersive experience, sound, pneumatic vibrator, colored light imaging, 3D reproduction, images, 2D reproduction and glitch art. Just as 2D images can be used to produce single-point perspective 3D images, through mathematical algorithms, a multiple channel system enables us to perceive moving sound. This is not just an illusion.