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Experimenting at C-LAB

The Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) is located at the former Air Force Command Headquarters, which used to be the Industrial Research Institute of the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office in the Japanese colonial period and the Taiwan Provincial Government’s Industrial Research Institute at Da’an after World War II. In 1950, the Industrial Research Institute became home to the Ministry of National Defense’s Air Force Command Headquarters, which moved to the Zhongyong Barrack at Dazhi in 2012. Afterwards, the Culture Lab Preparatory Group was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to exploit the about 7-hectare space inclusive of old and new practices to expand possibilities of cultural experiments. In 2018, C-LAB was formally established and operated by the Taiwan Living Arts Foundation as delegated by the Ministry of Culture. In line with the government’s infrastructural phased project, the foundation is dedicated to transforming the usable spaces into venues for practice of future social and cultural visions. 

With cultural experimentation as its core, C-LAB encompasses aspects of art, technology, and society in a mission to be a new type of arts and culture institute serving as a crucial petri dish of contemporary art in Taiwan. It aims to create a future-oriented innovative experimental base, bolstering international exchanges and connections while stimulating contemporary cultural imaginations based on life experiences in Taiwan and Asia. On the other hand, it domestically works as a brick-and-mortar base for creativity incubation, progressing from the cultural experimentation of from zero to one to the phase of from one to infinity, which converts conceptions into execution and execution into application to industries.  

The exhibition Experimenting at C-LAB introduces audiences to the development of the venue and space in the form of a chronology spanning over 80 years. Besides, it displays diverse projects of cultural innovative experimentation, exhibitions, performances, screenings, interdisciplinary co-creations and international exchanges conducted by Contemporary Art and Technology Media Platforms, as well as the industrial cluster in residence and the bountiful public events in hopes of broadening the communication with the general public and achieving the goal of building C-LAB up as an international cultural organization.