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The Archivist and the Artist as Archivist

At scenes of avant-garde art, artists usually double as organizers, witnesses and recorders. Though not absent, archivists and historical workers are usually late for events, hence artists’ roles of trustees of records after events. Nevertheless, awareness of archives is not only literacy acquired through training, but also a rare talent. Merely few artists can become exceptional archivists, contributing indispensably to the establishment of art history around them.

Take CHEN Hui-Chiao as an instance. She had been the host of IT PARK from the late 1980s to the recent years, during which she devoted herself to the archival work of IT PARK and Taiwan’s avant-garde art, making the website of IT PARK one of the crucial approaches to understanding the avant-garde art in Taiwan. YAO Jui-Chung is also an example of an artist-as-archivist, who has participated in and experienced the scenes of Taiwan’s avant-garde art. He has been preserving records of art events systematically in his own way since the early 1990s, and the still growing archives over thirty years have collected expansive materials of extinction, being resources for the research of Taiwan’s art history.

This talk invites the two distinguished artists-as-archivists and the senior researcher of Asia Art Archive Anthony YUNG to share their work motivation, methods, experiences and reflection with audiences while exploring how their constant long-term archival work influences their creation and views toward arts.


Time | 2023.10.14(六)14:00-16:00
Venue | CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space

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| CHEN Hui-chiao
CHEN Hui-chiao is an artist born in 1964. She co-founded IT Park with Liu Qingtang, Zhuang Pu, and Huang Wen-hao, in 1988 and have served as the artistic director for the space for a period of 30 years, until 2018. During this time, IT Park was awarded the 13th Taipei Culture Award in 2009. Since 2006, Chen has been serving as the Taiwan representative for the Glenfiddich Artists in Residence Program in Scotland.

| YAO Jui-Chung
Yao Jui-Chung was born in 1969. Lives and works in Taipei. The themes of his works are varied, but most importantly they all examine the absurdity of the human condition. Since 2010, Yao grouped his students into a team of photography workshop called “"Lost Society Document” "(LSD). He encouraged them to photograph and survey in their hometowns. Through the way of field surveys, they have attempt to draw the outline of “mosquito houses” which have been widely criticized, published five books named “Mirage: Disused Public Property in Taiwan” and practice looked into the possibility of observing the society by through the meaning of Art. He has also published several books. He is currently a Part-Time Teacher at the National Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts and the director of The Illusion Art Studio.

| Anthony YUNG
Anthony Yung is senior researcher at Asia Art Archive, specialising in the development of contemporary in mainland China since the 1970s. He is the awardee of the Fourth Yishu Awards for Critical Writing on Contemporary Chinese Art (2014), and co-curator of A Hundred Years of Shame – Songs of Resistance and Scenarios for Chinese Nations, Para Site, Hong Kong (2015). Anthony is co-founder and director of Observation Society, an independent art space in Guangzhou. He is based in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


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