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Discourse of Inter-(Being)

Discourse of Inter-(Being)

The concept of ‘Inter/Being’ is manifested between the interactions of species and species, biological and non-biological, person to person, human and objects, man and expertises, studies and professions. There is no moment without interactions. And how do we provoke a directional interaction to happen?

The work ‘Studies of Interbeing - Trance 1:1’ started from the perspective of ‘microperformativity’ – using the body to restage the movement of virus replication, through which explores the possibility to understand this biological mechanism without words. And through which, extends to the macroscopic structure of virus-human interactions, to create a platform to contain the emotions contextualised by the pandemic. As the exhibition ‘Inter-(Being)’ opens, the platform has been built. And the next step, is to give life to the platform.

The exhibition ‘Inter-(Being)’ started from a ‘viral narration’ based on science ideology, and through an unexpected reason, has cross the route with Mao-Chang Chen who explores the societal aspect of viral narrations, and Pei-Yuan Chen who situates himself within the sonic iatromantis practices. We decided to populate the platform of “Studies of Interbeing - Trance 1:1” with explorations and experiments on improvisations and performativities. And thus, these events.


“Gam Zuei Thng”    

Date|2022/01/15 (Sat.)14:00 & 16:00

Venue| C-LAB Art Space lll

Performer|Gam Zuei

Prepared by Pei, stewed by Gam Zuei. Human genome simmered with a high volume of noise. Sine wave at war with Amino Acid. Soup, water, mixed, chaos.

In Conversation with: ‘Studies of Interbeing - Pedigree X’


“Contemplating Inter-Being” 

Date|2022/01/16 (Sun.)14:00

Venue| C-LAB Art Space lll

Performer|Pei-Yuan Chen, Mao-Chang Chen, Hsin-Yu Chang, Pei-Ying Lin

Ancients infiltrating reflective futures.
As micro mutations reveal macroscopic patterns.
Essence, breath, and spirit, fertilising a rebirth.
While presence and physicality deconstruct into immortality.

In Conversation with: ‘Studies of Interbeing - Trance 1:1’

When Noise Becomes Information

Date|2022/02/20 (Sun.)14:00 & 16:00

Venue| C-LAB Art Space lll

Performer|Gam Zuei

Noise is omnipresent. From the cosmic microwave background to the small viral origin genes inside the human genome. When we devoted to the search of noise, when the ‘unwanted’ become ‘wanted’, noise is no longer noise, but hidden valuable information.

This performance uses multitrack noises to interpret virus genome within the human genome, exploring the multitude of undercurrent symbiosis as well as checks and balances.

In Conversation with: ‘Studies of Interbeing - Pedigree X’

“Decent Silence” 

Date|2022/02/26 (Sat)& 2022/02/27 (Sun) 14:00 & 16:00

Venue| C-LAB Art Space lll

Performer|Mao-Chang Chen, Ishtar Hsu and Pei-Ying Lin

Three artists, each with their own work, confluences here and now, splashing fragments of words. Sentences and words disperse in the space, crashing onto the ground with meanings. Images and keywords first recombine, and then reject each other. Sound, crawling along the chronicles. Tick-tock tick-tock, sound, extending its limbs to steal the time, as the works chatter, and chatter. Suddenly, someone turns around, index finger on the lips: Shhh, be quiet.

StiLLLife: Practice 006

[...the action of entry][the process of appearing…][enter/ing.][or penetrate.][to withdraw from…][or invade, or insert][overlapping][an entry][acquired!][then departure.]

(Nom nom nom) — Crunch / Crack / Crack(Nom nom nom) — Crunch / Crunch / Crack / Crack(Nom nom nom) — Crunch / Crack / Crack / Crunch / Crunch

[pause] — (noise+confusion) — [;:;/;::;:;/;:::;;:/;::;’:’;;] — (noise explosion)

Who is being entered?Entered by whom?Who is being pushed over(board)?

Who loses its balance?Who loses its balance?Who?



Gam Zuei
A bubble tea addict. He started to make noise and experimental sounds with no-input mixing board since 2019. Sometimes he likes to make harsh noise but other times he likes to make it crystal clear.
Influenced by Taiwanese noise veteran -Dino, Japanese noise, Musique concrète and many more, Gam Zuei hasn’t yet determine where sounds would lead him to. You can often find him in Senko Issha Record Store in Taipei.

Chen Mao-Chang
Borned in 1980, Taipei. BA Fine Art, Taipei University of Fine Arts. Owns the exhibition technology planning and implementation company Art War Company.
Inspired by the 90’s subcultures and Stanislavski's System. Sensibility is the first priority. Currently living somewhere close to the shore, experiencing the nothingness of life, generating elements of visual and sound.
Dispersing sonic creations everywhere.

ET Chen
Is a musician, explorer of the universe of sounds.
He is deeply rooted in the flowing impromptu performances and multicultural music traditions. Through the vehicle of sound and vibration he dives into primordial sensation, consciousness of nature, spirits, and space. Music is the language to manifest his universe.
He tries to capture inspiration and timeless beauty from the ancient music tradition, in order to recreate sacred music in the contemporary context. He develops a borderless musical language that connects human, nature and the universe into harmony.

Ishtar Hsu
In 2018, Ishtar Hsu received her Master’s degree in Information Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) in the Netherlands. Her works are mostly unconscious material destruction, paint splashing, cut-and-paste recombination, or image distortion through re-photographing. At present, Ishtar is a freelance graphic designer and also a visual artist, swinging between 3-D objects and 2-D images with various medias that include ready-made items, resin, pottery, moving images, a home printer, collages, and an iPhone 6X that has been dropped for many times.

Pei-Ying Lin
Pei-Ying Lin is an artist / designer from Taiwan and currently based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Her main focus is on the combination of science and human society through artistic methods, and is particularly interested in building a common discussion ground for different cultural perspectives regarding elements that construct our individual perception of the world. Recently she has been focusing on manipulating the boundary of invisible/visible, living/non-living and finding ways to build tools and methods that facilitate such explorations.

3rd Tung Chung Prize: "Inter-(Being)", Pei-Ying LIN Solo Exhibition

Major Sponsor : Hong Chien, Ching-Hui
Organizer:Hong Foundation / Project Seek
Cooperation Partner:Bionet
Supporting Partner:Panasonic Taiwan
Production Support:Instrument Inventors、National Taiwan Science Education Center、National Culture and Arts Foundation、StimuleringsFonds