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2021 CREATORS Sound-Off: Manufactured Realities

“Manufactured Realities” is a work-in-progress that combines zheng, live-electronics, and electronic playback in 6th-order ambisonics. Developed by composer William Kuo during his residency in the CREATORS Sound-Off: Up-and-Coming Creators Residency Program (Sound-Off), this work aims to explore space as a means for navigating temporality. Instead of staying in one fixed listening position, listeners are encouraged to experience the work and its multiple dimensions by migrating within a physical space.

Duration: 30 minutes
Performers: Tian Zi-Ping (visual design) , Kuo Jing-Mu (zheng), William Kuo  (electronics)
Sound engineering:  Dean Chi-You (C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab)
Supervisor: Ministry of Culture
Organizer: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)