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Your Future Now

Originally conceived by Joshua Sofaer

Developed by Yoyo Kung and Joshua Sofaer

Expert Prognosticators: Hsiu-lin KU, Ed, Huai-hsuan CHEN, A.Y. LEE, Chiao-mei LIN , Cecilia CHANG, Zoe OU, Alex LIU, Rome

Hosts: Yuan-liang AN, Corinne HSIAO, Yue SU

Your Future Now is a participatory performance project. Members of the public have their future foretold by five professionals who deal in prognosis. C-LAB is the venue for the project. This historical venue becomes the place the future is told. Presented as a sequence of one-to-one interactions, participants have their destiny revealed through professional consultations.


Why participation? Social interaction in participatory art.

Time: February, 4th (Thu) 19:00
Venue: Gray Box, Art Space I, C-LAB
Free Admission

Yoyo Kung (Director of Prototype Paradise, Your Future Now co-conceiver)
Joshua Sofaer (British Artist, Your Future Now co-conceiver)
Wei-hsiu Tung (Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts and Design, National University of Tainan)

Translation is provided.

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Supervisor| Ministry of Culture
Presenter| Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)
Implementer| 2020 Curators Initiative_ Prototype Paradise