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C-LAB Is Closed to Cooperate with The Level 3 Preventive Measures

To cooperate with the preventive measures of the Level 3 epidemic warning announced by the government, The Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) will cancel all the activities including exhibitions, performances, lectures, and guided tours from now on. The facilities and services will also be closed, i-CENTERs, Gathering Space, public toilets, and the basketball court included. Outdoor activities and gatherings of more than 10 people and indoor ones of more than 5 people will also be canceled. The gate of Renai Road is closed. People are requested to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and do not enter the park. Visitations for business will also be denied. Please wear masks at all times indoors and outdoors, and keep social distance from others. The follow-up preventive measures and information about exhibitions and performances will be announced at any time in line with the policy of the government.