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Animist Trash, a puppet workshop with enormousface

From the dregs of the relationship between human society and the world of objects, let a phoenix erupt. We will forge relationships with cast off things and breathe like Frankenstein into the dying world, exploring and reframing our philosophies of Garbage, Life, and Story.

Please bring some trash from home or street. Anything that calls out to you works, but please avoid stinking things (even though they can be perfect and really fun) for this edition. String, sticks, fabric, paper, and stuffed animals can also be useful as connective tissue with an array of pliable and rigid objects.

CREATORS project ""Body Filmization Field"" project (by Tzuan WU and Xia Lin) is honored to invite the artist Enormous Face to conduct this workshop, through practice, imagining the relationship between our fleshy corpse and puppet’s body, and the organic and inorganic. The workshop will process in English, while limited interpretation from English to Mandarin will be available.


█ Date & Location █

2024.5.07 (Tue.)
R304 Rehearsal Room @ CREATORS SPACE 3F






█ About Artist █

Enormous Face (Kalan Sherrard)

Enormous Face's creations often involve using trash to make exaggerated artworks, ranging from puppet shows to installation art, bringing these "reanimated" trash creatures to wander and perform in cities…

“Eco-Pyscho" by The Daughters of Shi, featuring fragments of the Morphology of XOS. This anti-narrative edge-destroying puppet show has been touring Asia for the past six months changing like a whale song. Gurgling and popping, alive with life, bizarre planetoids fly at each other from the weird reaches of the void.




Organizer | Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)

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