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From the organic to the man-made, traces of evolution and progression in both sectors are commonly visible. Disruption, or trouble-making, is what lends itself to possibilities of going beyond an existing linear progression.

This is a stage for aggregation, for visual representation to mingle and merge, which brings performance, projection, and installation together. Among shifting objects, performers are able to move freely to find a stage of their own. The audience, too, can wander around for a preferred view. An attempt is deliberately made here to break the boundaries between the performer and the audience, between documentation and artwork, between individuals and groups, as well as between phasal segmentations and a stretching continuation.

Starting with “CREATORS Residency Program” in 2018, participating groups had spent 6 months at Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB). Each group’s unique trajectory and artistic voice contribute greatly to our endeavor to establish a cultural ecosystem. How can the diverse approaches contest, co-exist and be presented in the same space? How do they come together to construct an unthinkable imagery?

In the solemn auditorium of Art Space IV, we set up a platform that accommodates vibrancy and diversity. Despite rises and falls in the fixed physical design of the stage, the audience is not constrained in any way. Instead, people can act and walk freely on the stage to imagine how a performance could be. This performance is not predetermined. It is an experimental occurrence that breaks through presumed limits of different aspects of performance.

The event includes a static exhibition and several dynamic performances. In the exhibition, artworks are integrated within the space as the foreground, midground and background. It is a mixture of performative objects, interviews, artworks, and documentations, some of which speaks to one another either in chronological order or not.

During performances, the audience and performers both have to adapt to the staged site with certain degree of autonomy. A performance without a backstage—every single entrance and exit of any performer receives gazes of both parties. The distance between performing and watching is thus erased. The audience might be on the stage watching the performance; the performers could also perform in the seating area. It is a process of imagining, a location implying its experimental approach which allows the residency projects to be presented on the stage again, in the form of experimentation.

The important starting point of MASHUP all the CREATORS is an aim to extend the practices during “CREATORS Residency Program,” to explore possibilities of connection and hybridity, and to further find a new form of exhibition/performance/representation. It is not merely a performance, not merely an exhibition, not merely an archive or documentation of an event. It is, in additional to all, a manifesto of a newly-established cultural ecosystem declared by the C-LAB.


Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
(No. 177, Sec.1, Jian-Guo S. Rd., Taipei)
10:00-18:00, Tue-Sun
Closed on national holidays


ASC The Art Shelter and Cinema
劉時棟 Liu Shih-Tung
空氣結構 Lab Air Structure Lab
黃偉軒 Huang Wei-Hsuan
謝杰廷 Hsieh Chieh-Ting
在地實驗 ET@T
燧人氏 Zuirens
野孩子肢體劇場 L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre
吳孟軒 Wu Meng-Hsuan
圓劇團 Thunar Circus


6/14(Fri.)19:00-21:00   Aka_Chang+ Jez Fang

Audio-Visual Performance|
* Hz /ASC、化渡VedicFormula運算

Lecture Performance|
*As an Art Worker, How Do We Organize Ourself? / Wu Meng-Hsuan, All Participants in Project307
*Transnotators / Hsieh Chieh-Ting, Chung Yu-Feng, Snow Huang, Cheng Chieh-Wen

Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Liu Shou-Yuo / ET@T

Free Admission. Admission is open 15 minutes before the event begins.
*Limited admissions to this event, please refer to Facebook event page for further details.

【Off-site related events】
Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-You Liu
pre-order on-line : 「台灣數位藝術中心」facebook
Venue: DAC.TW
B1, No.431-1, Sec. 6, Zhongshan N. Rd.,Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (02)7709-9091

Performance|Melancholic Mambo Thunar Circus

7/12(五) 19:30
7/13(六) 14:30、19:30
7/14(日) 14:30

Supervisor:Ministry of Culture
Organizer:Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab