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Sentience Beyond the Human

Emphasizing a more-than-human perspective in considering the world co-constructed by humans and nonhumans, this workshop investigates sentience beyond the human by bringing together scholars from anthropology, religious studies, media studies, legal studies, contemporary art, and curatorial studies - to critically engage with analysis of, and theorization on, how we account for agency politically, historically, and relationally. Questions we may ask in this workshop include: What forms of legal frameworks - such as environmental rights, animal rights, and the rights of nature - are available? What are their limitations? How can sentience be reconfigured as a form of relationality, rather than an essence or capacity exclusive to humans? How can analysis of food regimes and food art broaden our horizon on multispecies life and death? How do religious ideas of life and death ontologically frame the possibilities and impossibilities of being sentient? Foregrounding these issues with a multispecies perspective of the sensorial, the workshop explores pathways toward ecological togetherness beyond the apocalyptic imagination of Anthropocene futures.

Registration form | (Online plus in person)
The program and ZOOM link will be sent out 3 days before the event.
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Language | Lecture in English (Mandarin interpretation provided)

Organizer |  Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, NYCU & Multispecies Justice Research Cluster, ICCS, NYCU
Co-organizer | C-LAB, IICS-UST, IACS-UST
Sponsor | High Education SPROUT Project, MOE, MOC