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Sandrine DEUMIER ╳ Myriam BLEAU -L’alter-monde

L’alter-monde is an immersive audiovisual project in fulldome format. As an evocation of a cybernetic garden in multiple scenes, this work contemplates a potential symbiosis between humans and a state of rediscovered nature. Through ecosophy and interspecies mutualism, it explores the possibility of identification with a mutant nature, a plant-becoming state, or the experience of infrahuman lives. In search of a biosensitivity, a non-human/hypernatural sensitivity emerges.

L’alter-monde addresses critical issues of climate change and extinction of species while immersing the viewer in a potentially transformative experience. Through imaginative worldbuilding, intricate visual ramifications, and skillful sound design, this work offers the opportunity for constructive meditation on economic degrowth and the crucial posthuman symbiosis with nature.

L’alter-monde, Sandrine DEUMIER & Myriam BLEAU, 2020.


Performances|10.08 (FRI), 10.09 (SAT), 10.10 (SUN), 10.11 (MON) 20:00

10.29 (FRI), 10.30 (SAT) 19:00, 20:00 (8 performances)

*Performances on 10.29 (FRI) and 10.30 (SAT) also screens Sandra TAVALI X WonderGym X LIN Yen-Chun's Ban Shan. 

Duration|24 mins


Limited availability, please sign up here.


▶ Limited availability, and registration for each performance is needed.

▶ Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the venue once the performance begins. The performance will not open for audience to sign up on site. Please sign up as early as possible.

▶ For the epidemic prevention, taking temperatures, disinfecting hands, leaving personal information and keeping social distance are required, and audiences are required to wear masks at all times when entering C-LAB. Moreover, audiences whose temperatures are above 37.5℃ are not allowed entry.

▶ Programs may be subject to change.


|The Artist

Sandrine DEUMIER

Sandrine DEUMIER is a pluridisciplinary artist working in the fields of performance, poetry, and video art who investigates post-futurist themes through the development of aesthetic forms related to digital imaginaries.



Myriam BLEAU

Myriam BLEAU is a composer, digital artist, and performer based in Montreal. Using music and sound as a point of departure, she creates gestural electronic music performances, audiovisual interfaces, installations, and interactive devices that articulate sound, light, movement, and symbols. Her works investigate performance, both as a codified cultural manifestation and as an embodied (re)enactment of symbolic systems through human and non-human agencies. They have been presented at Prix Ars Electronica (AT), Sónar (ES, HK), Mutek (MX, CA, AR, JP), ISEA (CA, KR), and Transmediale (DE).