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Online Event
Sound Fusion in Confusion: The Experiment and Theory of Auditory Illusion

Generally, we rely on visual perception in our daily lives. Most people are familiar with optical illusions, but much less with auditory illusions. It is difficult for us to notice auditory illusions, especially when we do not have much knowledge about why they happen.

Considering the limitation and fluctuation of human auditory perception, this research explores the theory and experiment of auditory illusions.

This workshop will take place online, due to the pandemic. Please prepare your headphones. During this event, the theory of auditory illusions will be explained and there will be audio files uploaded for participants to listen to and express their thoughts. Further research results based on the online survey will be presented in this workshop as well.

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❚ Lecturer ❚

HUA Yi-Hsin

Hua Yi-Hsin worked as a research & development engineer specializing in digital signal processing for an audio brand and has been engaged in acoustics and audio signal processing for ten years. She earned a master’s degree in music informatics from the University of Music Karlsruhe in Germany and another in power mechanical engineering from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. Her research interests embrace audio signal processing and algorithm development, 3D sound field synthesis, heavy metal music, and electronic/experimental music. Psychoacoustics and auditory perception are her recent research focus.