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Live Coding──A Party of Algorithmic Art

Live Coding is a form of performance carried out by modifying a specific program in real-time to generate music and images. As images of the modified program are projected onto a large screen at the site of the performance, the coding process of the performer is candidly displayed to the audience as well, making it a part of the performance.

Although Live Coding utilizes programming languages as its tools, which might appear to be rigid in nature, it is often found in rave parties vibrantly charged by electronic music. A unique community called “Algorave” is consequently formed, which represents a unique party culture. As the performer modifies the program to generate electronic music and dynamic visuals, the audience are drinking and dancing at ease, consequently forming a vivid contrast between the quiet performer and the partying crowds.

This talk will first give a brief introduction to Live Coding and its development in regard to the electronic music scene, the formation of the Algorave community and the party culture, as well as the active artists in the current scene and their performance style. The speaker will then share possible ways to appreciate Live Coding with the audience, leading them to explore its potential developments or discuss the role of Live Coding in relation to audiovisual art. Through the speaker’s observations in recent years, in essence, the talk offers a brief guide to Live Coding.

Date | 7/1 (Fri.) 14:00–16:00
Venue | CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space
Speaker |  LIU Tung-Yu (Chappie)
Registration |

LIU Tung-Yu (Chappie) | A freelance project coordinator and creative coder, career activities are mainly in the fields of street dance, theater, new media, etc. Since 2020, he has started research on the creation of “live coding”. The style of his works is mild and childlike, and often plays around with the relationship between real words, texts, and programming languages. In 2020, he presented his electronic sound works in Imprisoned Sound – Audiovisual Curation (2020), and won 3rd Award of akaSwap - Open Call for NFT Art - LIKE WATER. He recently performed at Lacking Sound Festival (LSF #115) - Newcomers (2020) and Lacking Sound Festival x Fluid Noise (LSF #121) - DiffuSound Vol.2 (2022) with live coding performances. 

▶ Free Admission via Online Registration.
▶ The organizer reserves the right to adjust and change the activities according to the epidemic situation.

Supervisor|Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
Organizer|Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab