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Street Sleepwalkers ─ Exchanging Emotions by Picking up Traces and Fragments of Life

In 2019, artist LEE Yung-Chih unintentionally discovered a pattern on the NO PARKING metal sign; the back of the stripped paint lies a design similar to the lingzhimushroom, which piqued his interest in “peeling paint.” In the same year, he became an environmental inspector by chance. He began to collect the remains of unknown objects on the streets but often disguised himself as a passer-by with no purpose, walking through neighbourhoods to talk to guards and shopkeepers. He felt like he was sleepwalking, in between the real world and the surreal. In this talk, LEE Yung-Chih, who wears a dual identity, will share his unique experience of communicating with society, starting with his participation in CREATORS' project Peeling–Technical Experiments with Everyday Marks this year. 

About the facilitator | Born in New Taipei City, LEE Yung-Chih graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in New Media from the National Taipei University of the Arts. He grew up in an urban landscape of factory noise and littering, and his work often misplaces and appropriates art forms and commonplace designs. 

Date | 2022/9/4 (Sun.) 14:00–16:00
Venue | CREATORS’ Space R303 Multi-Function Room
Speaker | LEE Yung-Chih

Presented by LEE Yung-Chih