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C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics|Sounds of Contemporary Dance

DIVERSONICS, the title of 2021 C-LAB Sound Festival, means diverse sounds. The exhibitions and performances this year are divided into Contemporary Selection, Film Concerts, Sounds of Contemporary Dance, Installations and Performance, and Academy

Sounds of Contemporary Dance presents the latest version of Black Hole Museum + Body Browser by SU Wen-Chi X YiLab.; the work combines full-sphere Ambisonics surround sound systems with Wave Field Synthesis (WFS), dance, and VR images to question relationships between body, dance, and gravity: in a situation where "body" is deemed to disappear according to certain philosophical ideas, the choreographer rather employs novel technologies and mechanic carriers to ponder the difference between the virtual and the real in bodily performance, the new distance/relationship between a work and its audience, and the potential advent of a post-human era after the human body dissolves in technology/machines. Sunboom 2021 by Hsu Chen Wei Dance Company is co-created and realized by composer CHENG Yi-Li and WU Hsin-Tse in charge of live music; it combines live electronic music and dance performance to explore visions of life and existence as well as the philosophy of farewell: can the soul be replaced, like the body? Co-Existence (Pobo & Xan) and The Sun (TIAN Zi-Ping and William KUO) by two emerging artist-composer duos and co-produced with National Taichung Theater show an audacious experimental spirit and bold attempt, blending sound space, strolling and listening with headphones, dancing, and lighting into an indefinable new form of performance; subtle interdependences between body, machinery, and perception emerge from the body language, sounds, and other fluid elements proposed from the perspective of Generation Z.

Sounds of Contemporary Dance

-SU Wen-chi╳YiLab.: Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

-HSU Chen Wei Dance Company: Sunboom 2021

-NTT╳C-LAB Pobo & Xan: Co-Existence

-NTT╳C-LAB TIAN Zi-Ping, William KUO: The Sun

👉  Free Admission via Online Registration

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Please Note: Due to the spread of COVID-19, the organizer reserves the right to change, adjust or cancel the events at any time.