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C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics

The biennial C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics originated in 2019; Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab and IRCAM Centre-Pompidou co-founded C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab (TSL) and launched the 1st C-LAB Sound Festival to explore the diverse dimensions and infinite possibilities of contemporary sound art and technology applications through audacious cross-domain connections and intense international cooperation. Following more than two years of practice accumulation, artistic experimentation, education and promotion, software/hardware technology application, and industry-academic collaboration, a blueprint is gradually drawn for exploring diverse facets of soundscape and engaging actors in relevant fields to jointly forge a network involving acoustics, technologies, arts, humanities, and social life.

In the context of vigorous mutations in cross-domain technology-based art, the 2nd C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics in 2021 upholds the spirit of sound innovation and experimentation, assisting and linking cross-disciplinary co-production projects; for its five programs, Contemporary Selection, Film Concerts, Sounds of Contemporary Dance, Installations and Performance, and Academy, artists and teams were invited to co-produce 18 repertoires, totaling more than 90 individual works. Artists and performers from various fields manifest the diversity of cross-domain contemporary music and sound art, and provoking indefinite new forms and content of performance.

2021 C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics


VenueC-LAB (Spatial Audio Field, Studio 3, Art Space IV, Art Space I Square, Art Space I, 1F, Political Warfare Building Square, CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space ), Social Innovation Lab, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, National Taiwan Normal University


Contemporary Selection

-LU Chia-Hui: Butterfly Orchid

-NanaFormosa Percussion Duo: Born from Chaos

-Twincussion Duo: Twin Beats

-CHEN Lily、LUO Fang-Wei: Illness² & Songs of Desolation: Immersive Multi-channel Spatial Music

Concert Films 

-IRCAM Une page folle

Love and Duty

Sounds of Contemporary Dance

-SU Wen-chi╳YiLab.: Black Hole Museum + Body Browser

-HSU Chen Wei Dance Company: Sunboom 2021

-NTT╳C-LAB Pobo & Xan: Co-Existence

-NTT╳C-LAB TIAN Zi-Ping, William KUO: The Sun

Installations and Performance

-LuxuryLogico╳Andrea Cera: The Insomnia Sketchbook (2020/2021) Experimental Version

-WANG Fujui: Throbbing Sonic 2.0

-HSU Chia-Wei, CHANG Ting-Tong, CHENG Hsien-Yu: Crystal Seeding


-Tsing Hua A.I. Orchestra, National Tsing Hua University: Sound Waves

-Institute of Music Electronic Technology Music, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University: Crossing: Instrument and Multi-channel Electronic Music Concert

-The Department of Music and the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University: The Soldier's Tale

-The Department of Music and the Department of New Media Arts, Taipei National University of Arts: Post Garden II - Counterpoint, Technology and Art Transdisciplinary Concert

-Institute of Music Multimedia New Music, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University: Micro-Sounds

👉  Free Admission via Online Registration

👉  Programme

Please Note: Due to the spread of COVID-19, the organizer reserves the right to change, adjust or cancel the events at any time.

Production Team

Adviser: Ministry of Culture

Organizer: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

Curatorial Team: C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab, IRCAM Centre-Pompidou

Collaborator: IRCAM Centre-Pompidou, National Taichung Theater, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, National Taiwan Science Education Center, ET@T

Co-organizer : National Taiwan Normal University, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Tsin Hua University, Social Innovation Lab

Co-production: IRCAM Centre-Pompidou, IRCAM, National Taichung Theater, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, YiLab., Hsu Chen Wei Dance Company, Hsu Chia Wei Studio, ET@T 

The Insomnia Sketchbook Commissioned Production Team: LuxuryLogico

Invited Artists: LU Chia-Hui, NanaFormosa Percussion Duo, Twincussion Duo, WANG Sue-Ya, CHEN Lily, LUO Fang-Wei

IRCAM Centre-Pompidou

Director: Frank Madlener

Artistic Programming Deputy Director: Suzanne Berthy

Communication and Partners Director: Marine Nicodeau

Research & Creativity Interface / Events Coordinator: Paola Palumbo

Computer Music Designer: Thomas Goepfer

Sound Engineer: Cl.ment Cerles

Technical Manager: Aline Morel

Stage Manager: Florent Simon

Project Manager: Aur.lia Ongena

Communications Manager: Cl.mentine Gorlier

Events Coordination Assistant: Camille Pannetier

Project Manager: Sophie Mitjavile