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C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics|Installations and Performance

DIVERSONICS, the title of 2021 C-LAB Sound Festival, means diverse sounds. The exhibitions and performances this year are divided into Contemporary Selection, Film Concerts, Sounds of Contemporary Dance, Installations and Performance, and Academy

Installations and Performance features an experimental version of The Insomnia Sketchbook (2020/2021) Experimental Version co-produced by Taiwanese art collective LuxuryLogico, Italian composer Andrea Cera, and IRCAM, France; the spatial sound field is conceived and designed by IRCAM and realized by C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab. Through a drifting light ball and haunting vocals, the work questions whether evolving technology can attain the sphere of real human “consciousness”. Consciousness exerts a crucial function in the sensory systems of the body; this work depicts and sculpts space through the interaction of the light ball with sounds. Flows of light and spatial sound entangles in a pure and refined way, creating a new perceptive experience of performance. Crystal Seeding produced by a cross-disciplinary team of three artists, HSU Chia-Wei, CHENG Hsien-Yu, and Ting-Tong CHANG, is based on Huwei Sugar Factory in Yunlin County as the research site; the music is by composer HUI Tak-Cheung, and the C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab assists in 3D sound technologies for local sound sampling and soundscape recording, revealing probable sound and cultural elements in Huwei since the Japanese rule; contemporary technologies for exploring historical scenes via staging are combined with theatrical experience to examine new reflections through the evolution of the times. In WANG Fujui’s Throbbing Sonic 2.0, sounds, 3D mixing, and VR images are hybridized to build a process of audio-visual interlacing and turmoil; at the site of a new workstation with enhanced audiovisual perception, visual and auditory perceptions interact with machine computation, making the viewer’s bodily senses glide and dazzle amid virtual and actual images and sounds.

Installations and Performance

-LuxuryLogico╳Andrea Cera: The Insomnia Sketchbook (2020/2021) Experimental Version

-WANG Fujui: Throbbing Sonic 2.0

-HSU Chia-Wei, CHANG Ting-Tong, CHENG Hsien-Yu: Crystal Seeding

👉  Free Admission via Online Registration

👉  Programme

Please Note: Due to the spread of COVID-19, the organizer reserves the right to change, adjust or cancel the events at any time.