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C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics|Contemporary Selection

DIVERSONICS, the title of 2021 C-LAB Sound Festival, means diverse sounds. The exhibitions and performances this year are divided into Contemporary Selection, Film Concerts, Sounds of Contemporary Dance, Installations and Performance, and Academy.

In Contemporary Selection, Butterfly Orchid is a cross-domain performance which has won international major awards; it combines pianist LU Chia-Hui’s composition and artist Paul CHIANG’s paintings recreated into 3D animation, where the abstract and the figurative are ingeniously integrated. Born from Chaos performed by NanaFormosa Percussion Duo features two purely instrumental short compositions from KHAOS, a percussion series by Brazilian composer Rodrigo Bussad, and two new contemporary music works created for this festival: YANG Tsu-Yao’s Apr.s Hashtag and CHEN Chia-Hui’s Imperceptibilité de l'agitation; YANG’s work explores reminiscences reshaped in the brain as reorganized and recombined memory fragments, and whether machines can replace the human brain to perform memory reorganization; CHEN’s work echoes the situation of humans facing the pandemic and depicts how they coexist with the virus and gradually recover; psychedelic timbres emerge through layers of subtle sound waves, creating thick sounds of electronic music and live percussion. Twin Beats by Twincussion Duo presents a heterogeneous contemporary repertoire combining electronic rock, magic, and minimalism in responding to the turbid and contradictory status quo where one must stride forward. Contemporary Selection also features two original contemporary musical works: Illness²  by composer CHEN Lily embodies anxiety and dreaminess and explores connections between music and emotions; Songs of Desolation by composer LUO Fang-Wei transforms poems into music and chants the existential meaning of life.

Contemporary Selection

-LU Chia-Hui: Butterfly Orchid

-NanaFormosa Percussion Duo: Born from Chaos

-Twincussion Duo: Twin Beats

-CHEN Lily, LUO Fang-Wei: Illness² & Songs of Desolation: Immersive Multi-channel Spatial Music

👉  Free Admission via Online Registration

👉  Programme

Please Note: Due to the spread of COVID-19, the organizer reserves the right to change, adjust or cancel the events at any time.