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SPIRITUAL RUNWAY|Gather Around Little Curators!

What kind of place is C-LAB, which lies in the center of Taipei? Is it a venue with a long history? Is it an experimental base for contemporary art and culture? Or is it a large city park?

This summer, fifth and sixth grade elementary students are invited to C-LAB. With open minds and curiosity, they explore its buildings and tell the stories of the community. By learning the steps to curation, they develop skills and make audiences expand the imagination of C-LAB!


Workshop|7.21 (Thur.) – 7.22 (Fri), 7.25 (Mon.) – 7.27 (Wed.) (Advance registration and full participation required)

Exhibition|7.30 (Sat.) – 8.21 (Sun.)

Little Curators' Guided Tours|7.30 (Sat.), 8.13 (Sat.), 8.14 (Sun), 8.20 (Sat.)