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Introducing the Up Art Gallery Archive and Sin Pin Pier Archive

Sat, 20 Jan 20241:30–3:50pm CST

The evolution of contemporary art in southern Taiwan can be traced through the transformative journey of 64 Dayong Road in Kaohsiung. Starting in the 1980s as the Avant-Garde Promotion Centre, it later housed Up Art Gallery (1990–95) and Sin Pin Pier (1997–). This four-storey building has remained a pivotal landmark in the region’s artistic development, serving as a nexus for artists, exhibitions, and a diverse range of creative practices. The site provides a lens through which we can explore the evolution of modern and contemporary art in Kaohsiung, and gain insight into its unique “southern perspective” within Taiwan’s contemporary art landscape.

AAA Researcher Nicole Wang introduces the first two collections from the Independent Art Spaces of Taiwan project: Up Art Gallery Archive (1990–95) and Sin Pin Pier Archive (1997–). Together they comprise over 2,300 records, offering an insightful perspective of Kaohsiung’s contemporary art history. The archives include valuable materials related to exhibition histories, such as the Kaohsiung Contemporary Art Exhibition II (1991), which sparked critical discussions on the city’s contemporary art scene, and Exile and Banishment (1993), a pioneering exhibition that delved into the concept of themed exhibitions. The archives also feature a rich assortment of curated exhibition materials by artist Lee Jiun-Shyan, a founding member of Sin Pin Pier, enriching understandings of current historical narratives.

Assistant Professor Hsu Yuan-Ta from the Department of Art History at Tainan National University of the Arts will be in discussion. Professor Hsu offers insights on southern Taiwanese art history, expanding on the newly collated archival documents.

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TIME: 2024.01.20 (SAT) 13:30–15:50
VENUE: CREATORS’ Space R102 Coworking Space (Online Registration)
*The talk will be live-streamed on the C-LAB YouTube Channel (advance registration is required).


|Nicole WANG
Project researcher, Asia Art Archive

|HSU Yuan-Ta
Curator. HSU received his PhD degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Texas Tech University, USA. Currently working as an assistant professor at Department of Art History at Tainan National University of the Arts, HSU's research interests range from Taiwanese art history, the history of fine arts in Tainan, Taiwanese sculpture, to criticism of photography. He has curated Sio-pàng-phuānn (Labour Exchange)—Opening Exhibition of the Taikang Culture in 2019. Other collaborative curating projects in 2021 include Great Migrations: Lu Ming-Te, Takao.Taike.Southern Hue: Jiunshyan Lee, and Places of Being—Space and Materiality in Taiwan's Avant-Garde Art, 1980-2021. HSU's critiques are to be seen in The Sculpture Research SemiyearlyArt Accrediting, and Taiwan Crafts (Quarterly).

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