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2024 Play Arts Festival – All the Way to NUMBER ONE

What else can this arts festival do?

There must be more to do than just telling everyone how wonderful art is. In 2024, what are some things that can be done or have not been done? This year’s festival coincides with the Summer Olympic Games, which are held once every four years. With a focus on the Olympics, complemented by the concepts of openness, vitality, and creativity that have always been part of the Play Arts Festival, can new sparks be created?

The official motto of the Olympic Games is “faster, higher, stronger.” These are the goals that athletes strive to achieve. What is the equivalent for art workers? Perhaps we can’t compete with one another, but we can and often challenge limits: the limits of performance, the limits of works, the limits of issues, and the limits of art.

What kinds of landscapes will emerge if everyone challenges limits together?

This year’s Play Arts Festival is inspired by the Olympic spirit. Its theme is “challenging limits,” using various forms of “play.” Each creator participating in this festival presents an art form they are concentrating on to interpret or challenge the theme based on their choice of superlative. In 1936, Pierre de Coubertin, known as the “father of the modern Olympic Games,” said that, “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part.” We actively invite audiences to participate in play. In addition, C-LAB, as an open and innovative platform provides more possibilities for the development of issues that have long been of concern. 

One Player Short Ensemble, Myan-Myan Studio, and Garsonplay Studio capture what we see in life and interpret the most mundane, mysterious, and terrifying stories. Guided by the superlatives of the loneliest, worst, and most evil, creators LEE Yo-Wei, Kacaw Iyang, and CHOU Yi-Cheng go straight to the heart of the subjects on which they are focused. Beibuzone Entertainment, BIU Theatre, and Endospace Studio challenge their own limits, using three superlatives: most dedicated, most organic, and most original, as they attempt to provide the most interactive experiences for different audiences. Suana and Slow Island Theatre Group also showcase their masterpieces through which they share the little things that are the freest and most important. Finally, theater podcast Intercompai and An Actor Prepares Podcast bring a full day of non-stop activities to C-LAB.

It is hoped that amid these attempts to challenge limits that audiences see more diverse aspects of the performing arts. With the participation of audiences, it is also anticipated that these creations can continue to ferment in every future performance venue, to smoothly move forward together on the boundless arts and culture road.


Curator of 2024 PLAY ARTS FESTIVAL, Hsu Hung-kai


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