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Imprinting Memories: A Hands-On Workshop for Digitizing Family Archives

If life is a river, then each cherished memory is a shimmering stone along its bed. These radiant stones, transformed into black-and-white portraits of grandparents and friends nestled in metal boxes, slides capturing the joy of parents' wedding days taken by uncles, and baby books from the 1980s adorned with newborn footprints, form a priceless necklace of family stories. The value of these family archives lies not in their age, but in the unique life experiences they encapsulate, waiting to be passed down as treasured heirlooms.

In this workshop, archivist Tammy Ho from the Asia Art Archive will delve into the fundamentals of archive digitization and lead participants through hands-on exercises. Learn how to clean and preserve your physical archives and discover how to utilize smartphones and simple tools to digitize paper documents, photos, and films from your own family archives, ensuring that the brilliance of your memories never fades.


Time | 2024/07/20(Sat.) 14:00—16:00
Venue | i-CENTER, 2F
Facilitator | Tammy HO (Project research assistant, Asia Art Archive)

*Registration link |
*Maximum number of places is 15 people. Waiting list opens when the quota is reached.

▶Prerequisite Skills for Participants: Ability to take photos using a smartphone and use mobile apps.
▶ What Participants Need to Bring:
*Documents:2to 3 paper documents, photos, or film negatives.
*Equipment: A smartphone with a camera, preferably with a telephoto lens, and the Snapseed app installed.
*Other: If participants have a tablet or lightbox, you are welcome to bring them.
▶ Free Admission via Online Registration.
▶ Upon submission through the Online Registration Form, a seat is reserved for you. A reminder will be sent to your email prior to the event. If you didn’t receive the reminder email, please check your Spam or Junk email.
▶ The organizer reserves the right to adjust and change the activities according to the epidemic situation.