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Creation/Research Support
Politics in Performances— Genet’s Le Balcon in Taiwan

“Politics in Performances— Genet’s Le Balcon in Taiwan” is extended from the thinking of Genet, covering from the gender issues in “Our Lady of the Flowers” to political issues which were concerned by the artist in the rest of his life. Through this project, L'Enfant S. Physical Theatre will look for new partners from other disciplines such as visual art, sound art and installation art. The group hopes to raise issues such as the significance of performing arts in the context of Taiwan’s culture by cooperation with performers and artists, and the art-making produced by the public in different forms of art during the residence period.




L'Enfant S. Physical Theater

“L'Enfant S. Physical Theater” was found by Yao Sunteck, a corporeal mime artist, in 2011. Starting from corporeal mime, the group attempts to seek deeper interaction between human beings and the society by leaving the theatrical space and returning to local cultures. Besides, it aims to cultivate socially vulnerable youth by organizing regular workshops and courses of corporeal mime.