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Creation/Research Support
Reconstruction of Stain: A Transdisciplinary Experiment on the Space of Memories in Taipei and Berlin

How should we face the “stains” of history? What sorts of form and structure can we give?This project combines concepts from cultural studies , architecture, and body theory to retrace the multifaceted meanings of “stain.” By inspecting the case of Berlin, this project explores ways that a city can coexist with “stains” and methods of tagging “historical stains” on the landscape. How can this be done? By erecting tall towers and monuments? Or open, rolling plains? By using sturdy, heavy mineral materials? Or transparent glass? This project combs through intentions, imaginations, and ideologies that surround different forms and mediums and designs a set of memory components that allow public participation and operation. By repeated deconstruction and reconstruction, this project reinspects ways of displaying “stains,” coexisting with “history,” and discovering different possibilities of “the space of memory.”


LEE Li-Chun


WU Yao-Ting


HSIEH Chieh-Ting